Benefits of being a mentor

  • Rewarding and motivational experience
  • A chance to develop key skills within officiating including questioning, listening, analysing and providing feedback
  • Good opportunity to develop and improve officiating within your county by bringing through higher skilled officials
  • Help to increase the number of licensed officials in your county

What is the role of an officials’ mentor?

(Please note this will vary depending on the needs of the mentee)
  • Encourage mentees to complete their experiences and paperwork to become a licensed official or to continue to progress through the officials’ pathway
  • Understand the mentee’s goals and agree a programme of mentoring activity that best meets the need of the mentee – we would ask that you had contact at least once a month, but this could just be through email/phone call conversation
  • Listen, and be supportive of the mentee allowing them to discuss any ideas or concerns they may have
  • If possible, provide opportunities for the mentee to observe and shadow you officiating
  • Where possible, observe and provide feedback for the mentee, helping them to understand what went well and key areas for improvement
  • Pass on your knowledge and experience, referring mentees to other sources of information/support if necessary
  • Provide information to officials on upcoming events where they could gain their experiences

What key skills are required for mentoring?

  • Good listener
  • Passionate and knowledgeable about officiating
  • Willingness to share ideas, knowledge and expertise within officiating
  • Provides guidance and constructive feedback

What support will you receive as an officials’ mentor?

  • Training/induction session
  • Mentoring resources
  • Ongoing support from Officials Development Officer at England Athletics